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Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Matters

The Gunston Soccer Club (GSC) Disciplinary Committee, guided by VYSA Rules of Play (Zero Tolerance Policy for Physical and Verbal Abuse, Parents Agreement, Coaching and Sideline Behavior), reviews incidents, complaints and concerns from individuals, member clubs and/or the League, gathers information from all parties involved, mediates or conducts hearings, reports findings and may initiate disciplinary proceedings against any player, team official or spectator.

The Disciplinary Committee Members (DCM) serve at the discretion of the GSC President. No one other than the regular Committee Members may attend a committee meeting unless invited by the Vice President.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Incident reports submitted to GSC Disciplinary Committee are kept CONFIDENTIAL and your name will be withheld if you wish.

Incident Reporting – Use the GSC problem report document (located on the GSC web site) to report any incidents or conditions in serious need of remedy. Those issues will be addressed by the appropriate official(s) in a timely fashion. Your comments will be directed to the GSC Vice President and the DCM. The information will be relayed to the appropriate official(s) for action (or no action). Examples of issues include improper behavior by coaches, referees, parents, or players, as well as seriously unsafe field conditions.

GSC families and members (players, parents, coaches and referees) may submit their incident reports, complaints and concerns via an e-mail directly to the Club’s Vice President. Incidents involving all travel teams are handled by the Club’s Disciplinary Committee exclusively.

Investigation – All submitted reports are investigated by the DCM. The DCM will collect

statements and relevant information from spectators, referees and coaches.

Reporting Findings – After completing an investigation the DCM writes report about findings and submits report with disciplinary recommendation to the GSC President. The President reviews report and approves or rejects disciplinary action. If disciplinary action is approved by the Club President the DCM will notify the parties involved.

Disciplinary Action – The DCM has discretion in any levied penalties. Actions include but are not limited to probation, suspension, and suspension for life. In all cases, a notice about the decision of disciplinary action will be sent to the offender within 96 hours of the decision. All other concerned parties, including but not limited to the Club Presidents will be notified.

Protest and Appeal – Decision of the DCM can be appealed to the Club Vice President within seven (7) days of receipt of the decision. Appeals will be decided upon at the earliest GSC Board meeting scheduled

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