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Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #1

Challenges and Results

Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #1

Week 1 Results:

Congratulations to everyone this week, we received a lot of videos from players doing the challenges! 1st place this week will get a New Balance training pack(backpack, ball & pump), 2nd gets a free camp, 3rd a T-shirt and ball!‬

Bonus Challenge:

Around the world, you must juggle at least three times after the trick. If you can complete it both ways you will get 10 points, just one way is 5 points. You can send two separate videos for this one, they don’t need to be done at the same time.

Day Four Challenge:

Last challenge of the week! Make sure to get videos submitted by 9:00pm tonight, please do the challenge exactly as the video shows. Good luck!

Day Three Challenge and Results:

One point for each full sequence, when ball gets back to where you started. This challenge will be 30 seconds, please make sure the video is 30 seconds long. Try to go as fast as you can, make sure to practice before recording.

Day Two Challenge and Results:

2 toe taps to a “reverse L” turn (right foot toe tap, left foot toe tap, “reverse L”), make sure to collect with the opposite foot after the L turn. One point for each successful sequence, if you do a reverse L with the same foot twice in a row the second one won’t count.

Day One Challenge and Results:

Three bells to an outside foot touch (inside, inside, inside, outside, collect with inside of same foot and continue, make sure outside touches are with alternate feet). You get one point for each successful sequence ending with an outside foot touch.

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