Serving the Mount Vernon, Fort Hunt, Lorton and South County communities since 1990.

Gunston Soccer Recreation Points of Contact

Please note that this list is subject to change.

For Gunston Recreation (U3-U19) inquiries, please contact Ruben Bolognesi -

For Gunston Academy (U7/U8) inquiries, please contact Sean Zatt -

Age Level Commissioners for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022:

U3 (Birth Year 2019): Ryan Tracy -

U4 Boys (Birth Year 2018): Steve Ross -

U4 Girls (Birth Year 2018): Nick Paul -

U5 Boys (Birth Year 2017): Carey McIntyre -

U5 Girls (Birth Year 2017): Nathan Rossow -

U6 Boys (Birth Year 2016): Brian Lamagna -

U6 Girls (Birth Year 2016): Celina Ketelsen -

U7 Boys (Birth Year 2015): Tim Newman -

U7 Girls (Birth Year 2015): Brennan Randel -

U8 (Birth Year 2014): Nick Paul -

U9 (Birth Year 2013): John Loving -

U10 Boys (Birth Year 2012): Jesse Keene -

U10 Girls (Birth Year 2012): Matthew Gannon -

U11 - U12 - U13 - U14 - U16 - U19 (Birth Years 2011 thru 2003): Mike Berry -

TOPSoccer (Special Needs): Ted Renaud –

Recreation Administrator: Robin Billingsly -

Recreation Treasurer: Doug Billingsly -

Recreation Fields Coordinator - Alan Hope -

Recreation Commissioner: Ruben Bolognesi -

If you filled out the comment box in the online registration form with your request, we have received it, we are working on it and will do our best to accommodate you. Please do not email our Commissioners to make sure we have received your request.

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