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Tryout to Travel Process

Tryout to Travel Registration Steps

*Prior to registering please log out, clear your cookies, cache, temporary internet files prior to proceeding. If possible use Google Chrome. The application is optimized for use on it.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register (or click here). If you already have an account please log in. If you do not have an account you will need to create one.
  3. Tryout Registration Step 1.1 – Read Statement and Click Next
  4. Tryout Registration Step 1.2 – Verify main household information. Update as needed and click save/continue
  5. Tryout Registration Step 1.3 – Click Register a participant
  6. Tryout Registration Step 2.1 – If your household account is already set up select the participant and click save/continue. If no participants are created. Create a new one
  7. Tryout Registration Step 2.2 – Select the Season you are registering for. There will be two options U9-U15 2019-2020 or U16-U19 2019-2020. Select your option based on participant’s birthdate.
  8. After selecting the appropriate season another drop down box will appear. You should see only one age group tryout available to register for based on the participant’s birthdate. All participants are required to register for the tryout group based on their age. The Technical Director will have the final say on players that should be re-assigned.
  9. Tryout Registration Step 2.3 – Parent/Guardian information needs to be entered. At least one parent/guardian needs to be entered in this step (Note: Players should not be creating and registering themselves).
  10. Tryout Registration Step 2.4 – Validate registration information
  11. Tryout Registration Step 2.5 – Please read the entire waiver and click the accept terms box at the bottom of the page.
  12. Tryout Registration Step 3.1 – Select whether to register another participant or move on to the next step.
  13. Tryout Registration Step 4.1 – Donation page. Please consider making a donation to support our programs.
  14. Tryout Registration Step 5.1 – Review your order. Unless you chose to make a donation the order total should be $0.00.
  15. Tryout Registration Step 5.2 – Submit Order (if you made a donation you will need to complete payment information.
  16. Tryout Registration Step 5.3 – From here you can print a receipt or return to the main menu.

At this point you have completed the steps required to participate in tryouts. All participants must pre-register to participate in tryouts. Failing to register for tryouts will disqualifying you from participating until you have completed registration.

Tryout registration is only part of the registration process. Within approximately 10-14 days post tryout if you are selected to join a travel team you will receive an official email invitation to join a team. Accepting this email is the only way to accept your position on a team. Simply emailing your coach will not be accepted.

Once you receive the email invitation you have 48 hours to accept your position on the team. Failure to comply will result in the player potentially losing their spot on the team.

Player acceptance steps

  1. Once you have received a player invitation you will click accept or decline.
  2. You will be redirected to the registration systems login page
  3. Login 
  4. Once you have logged back in you will see a pending invitation in the center of the screen. 
  5. Click Accept or Decline. If declining, your transaction is completed.
  6. If you click accept you will be directed back through the process that will ultimately bring you to the payment screen. Please note that you do not need and should not be adding participant information again. Just validating what is already there. If you are accepting for multiple players, you will be giving the opportunity to accept for them prior to completing payment.
  7. Once at the payment screen you can Pay in Full, Set up a Payment Plan or Apply for financial aid. If you apply for financial aid, please click here for information on the updated financial aid process. All steps must be completed otherwise you will not be considered for an award and will be responsible for a full player fee payment.
  8. Once you have paid in full, set up a payment plan or selected to apply for financial aid the process is completed. 

Please see the following information below regard financial aid applications and re-occurring payments.

  1. Credit cards are the only acceptable form of payment. Beginning July 1 the club treasure will notify any participant whose payment did not go through. The club’s payment system will make three total attempts to charge the card in 10 days. After a 3rd failed attempt you will be required to enter a new credit card. After the third failed attempt, the club treasurer will send you notice via email about the failed payments. You will have 10 days to login and correct the matter. After those 10 days, your son/daughter’s player pass will be suspended and they will not be allowed to participate until the account has been brought into balance. At 30 days past due player will be removed from the team roster. There will be a $100 re-add fee plus the past due amount to be re-added to the roster. 
  2. A second instance of failed payment will result in the same steps as above. Except if a player wishes to be re-added they will now be required to pay the $100 fee and the balance of club dues in full prior to be re-added to the team.
  3. Please note that if a player pass has been suspended they may not play or practice with the team.

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