7v7 Adult Tournament FAQs

Adult Tournament - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Grist MIll Park?

A. 4320 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309

Q. Are restrooms on site?

A. Yes, but they do not have running water.

Q. Parking?

A. Yes, ample parking is available, and room to spread out and picnic throughout the day!

Q. Refund Policy?

A. No refunds will be given after the tournament has started

Q. Can I bring a tent?

A. Yes, check in with HQ staff to make sure they are appropriately placed at the park. I.E. no tents on the turf playing areas.

Q. First Aid?

A. The HQ tent will have a first aid kit available for use throughout the event.

Q. Inclement Weather Policy?


Safety is the top priority: The safety of players, officials, and spectators is paramount. Tournament organizers closely monitor weather conditions and may make decisions based on factors such as lightning, heavy rain, extreme temperatures, or other hazardous conditions.

Pre-tournament communication: Tournament organizers typically communicate their inclement weather policies in advance to all participating teams and stakeholders. This communication may include information about the decision-making process, potential schedule changes, and alternative plans.

Monitoring weather conditions: Tournament organizers use various methods to monitor weather conditions, including local weather forecasts and on-site observations. Each lighting strike will require us to clear the fields for 30 minutes.

Delay or postponement: In case of inclement weather, tournaments may choose to delay the start of matches, pause ongoing matches, or postpone matches to a later date or time. The decision is usually made by tournament officials or a designated authority based on the severity and duration of the adverse weather conditions.

Venue considerations: The condition of the playing field is a crucial factor in determining whether a match can be played. Excessive rain or lightning may render the field unsafe or unplayable.

Q. Additional Questions?

A. Contact Tournament Director Chris Hudler at chudler@gunstonsoccer.com