Gunston Travel Soccer - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What age does travel soccer start?

A. Travel soccer begins at U9, for the 2024-2025 season, U9s will be born in 2016. There are some exceptions to the rule allowing younger players to participate at the discretion of the Director of Coaching.

Q. Can you participate in other sports if you play travel soccer?

A. Yes you can. At times it can be a challenge but it is possible to participate in multiple sports.

Q. How long is the travel season?

A. The travel season is approximately 10 months long. It begins in Mid-August and concludes by Mid-June, with a month and a half break from the middle of November through the new year. Teams will practice 2-3 times a week from mid-August to mid-November, 1-2 times a week during January and February, and then start 2-3 times a week again in March through the end of the spring season.

Q. Where do travel teams practice?

A. In the fall our travel teams typically practice at Sandburg MS, Mount Vernon HS, or Bryant HS. Over the winter our younger teams normally have 1 practice a week indoors at a local elementary school.

Older teams practice outdoor during the winter, weather permitting. In the spring our teams will normally practice at Mount Vernon HS or Bryant HS.

Q. Is overnight travel required in the travel soccer program?

A. Teams will not have any overnight travel for league games.

Upon request, a team may attend a tournament in Richmond, Virginia Beach, etc. with most families staying at the same hotel. This is a great bonding experience for the players, and something the parents usually really enjoy as well.

Q. Who is responsible for the costs associated with overnight stays?

A. Individual families are responsible for their overnight travel.  A team manager generally assists in reserving a block of rooms.

Q. How much travel is generally involved with the travel program?

A. In most cases away matches are thirty minutes to an hour away. There are only 4-5 away games in the fall and 4-5 in the spring. The remaining 4-5 games each season will be at one of our home fields, Grist Mill Park, Mount Vernon HS, Bryant HS, and Carl Sandburg MS.

Q. Can I play on both a recreation team and a travel team?

A. Yes for one season, after that you will need to choose between recreation or travel. The exception would be if your recreation team participates in SFL and in that case there are very specific rules denying crossover participation.

Q. I was my child's coach in recreation. Is it possible for me to coach at the travel level?

A. We are looking for positive, motivated, capable coaches, who have a passion for developing players (boys and girls) both on and off the field U9-U19. Applicants must have the desire to be a part of a hard-working team dedicated to continual improvement.

  • Playing experience is preferred. Soccer passion is a MUST. Soccer skills as a coach are highly preferred, but not required.
  • Minimum coaching License is preferred
  • Enthusiastic

If you are interested in continuing to coach at the travel level please contact Dave Sanford to have that discussion. dsanford@gunstonsoccer.com

Q. What credentials do the travel coaches have?

A. Continuing education of our professional coaches is critical. All coaches have grassroots licenses or are on the way to achieving them. We do provide support to our coaches to attend courses to promote their development as coaches.

Q. How much does it cost to participate in travel soccer?

A. The fee for travel soccer is set in May each year. For 2024-2025 the fee was $1895 for U9-U10 and $1995 for U11 and older.  This fee was payable via a lump sum or in multiple payments. There are also scholarships and financial aid assistance available if needed.

Q. Are there any other expenses in addition to the player fee?

A. Gunston's “club fee” is inclusive of most items but does not cover tournaments or other team-specific expenses. These team-specific expenses will be paid as a “team fee,” which is normally $175-$250 per year depending on the team. In addition, players will be responsible for purchasing game and practice uniforms.

Q. What does a year look like as a travel player?

A. Please view our annual plan here: